by marco brosolo

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"Mr Brosolo proposes to the listener a particular approach to the songwriting, holding it between pop and avantgarde. It's a very interesting listen, you could fall in love with this music!"

Marco Brosolo is musician but original performer too, capable to auction on eBay his multimedia concerts. (...) the songs you find in "Eponymous" are located in an ideal cross point between innovation and tradition. (...) The track the touches most is “As Snow In Harvest”, with the piano that, like in “By This River” by Brian Eno, has a melody pushed by melancholic and autumnal waves. This is a curious (in all senses) and good record, a name to watch.
(Alessandro Besselva Averame - Fuori Dal Mucchio)

“Eponymous” has a real international taste, much more then many other offers in these last years by many italian bands. In this record you can find experimentalism, in a way that is possible to hear a true evolution on this kind of music.
(Roberto Maniglio – storiadellamusica.it)

A debut album without a precise genre, rich with substance and provocations. (...) Everytime you listen to it, you'll discover something new.
(Eleonora Chiari - rockit.it)

“Eponymous” - Inspired and sometimes softly sophisticated. Probably the debut that everyone would like to emulate.
(Mattia Barro – Indie Rock.it)

“His name is Marco Brosolo and why he decided to call himself 9 only god knows. (...) but Eponymous, produced in Berlin and released by danish Sopa, it's a great record!”
(Massimo Garofalo - Rock Shock)

A nocturnal work, but vital, dark and pulsating, it'll conquer you just because it is one of the few examples that succesfully combines the austerity of German sound with an all Italian liveliness.”.
(George – troublezine.it)

A record that plays the card of electronic music with a human touch, that tries to catch the crucial knots of feelings.
(Francesco Nunziata - ondarock.it)

Nine electro-pop tracks, delicate and suspended.

“Fuori, guardando fiori” (Fuori), sentendo blu, sostando gli angoli, dove lo spazio si riproduce continuamente, si scompone, osa tradursi in volo, nel planare della materia su se stessa, in dissolvenze cobalto.
(...) Nove brani, nove ambienti onirici dell’immagine e dell’udito, dell’evasione e del ritorno, dell’essere mondo in sé e dell’appartenere alla durezza del mondo, all’inesorabilità del tempo, ai tragitti della città e alle parentesi di uno spazio che è e rimane l’infinito.
(...) Un lasso temporale astratto, plastico, di cerchi concentrici e pareti verticali, sinonimo e contrario in sé e di se stessa: musica che infonde, che riesce a con-fondere, cardiaca ed umorale, rilassata e feroce, come può esserlo un giorno qualunque, una città qualunque, in cui l’io non è mai un io qualunque.
by roberta molteni - www.losthighways.it


released February 20, 2009

all songs composed, performed and arranged by Marco Brosolo
guests: Julia Erdmann (singing), Sheryl Schraschmidt (spoken words), Paolo Michelutti (electric guitar), Yvonne Motzku (opera voice), Denis Canciani (electric bass), Eric Gerken (singing)

cover art by Alvise Bittente



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marco brosolo Berlin, Germany

Marco Brosolo, aka 9, is a music producer and visual artists. His music lives between singing, song writing, drums and electronica.

Devoted since several years in various art-projects, Marco Brosolo is an artist who explores many forms of expression: electronic songs, sound installations, theater and film music, drawing.
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Track Name: Fuori


with your magoo magician
you feel hard-disk recording
getting under your skin